Conte officially unveiled at Chelsea

Antonio Conte has officially been unveiled as the manager of Chelsea.

In his first press conference for the London club, he stated that he has one principle when it comes to coaching, and it is hard work. He has told his players that there is no other secret to success than hard work. He has told them that if they want to be successful, they need to work hard in training.

Antonio Conte has been given the difficult task of turning Chelsea’s fortune around and to make the team competitive again. The club’s performance had been poor last season, and Chelsea’s board will be hoping that the former Italy national coach will be able to help the team compete with the best clubs in England again.

Conte said that he is a winner and that he will make everything he can so as to turn Chelsea into a winning team. He stated that his objective next season is to get the team back into the Champions League and ensure that the win trophies around the way. He has told his players that he will pressurize them to work hard and that they should be able to perform to the best of their abilities.

He said that there is no guarantee that he will replicate Italy’s formation at Chelsea. For him, it is important to build a team based on the player’s skills and not the way around. He said that he would need to assess the team qualities and weaknesses before making a choice of tactics. He said that at the moment it is important to have the right attitude in the team and that he will be working in building a good spirit in the team first. Then he will talk about tactics with the players.