Mauricio Pochettino Worried about Perception in other Countries

Mauricio Pochettino believes that there is a perception about Premiership in the other countries that it is not a great league.

The games are not as tactical as in the other leagues and a majority part of the games involve only long balls like the old times. So, to succeed in it is not a big deal.

Because of this perception, a manager of a different nationality coming to UK may come thinking that he has taken up an easy job, but, that is a wrong mentality to come with because he is not going to find the Premiership like what he would have heard. If he has to succeed, he will have to show some humility towards the competition.

The perception that the competition lacks quality is actually a false perception in the eyes of Pochettino and that he says with conviction because he has spent a decent amount of time coaching in the competition and knows what kind of challenges a coach come across when he comes into it first up.

He reckons that Premiership is not similar to the other top flights in the world and it is actually very hard, particularly for those who come from abroad.

Pochettino said this in his answer to a question which was about the below par stint of Pep Guardiola in the English top flight.

Pochettino, though, suggested that the coaching qualities of Guardiola are out of the top drawer and that’s why his record is top class too, but, he advised his Spanish colleague to be ready to adjust himself to the demands of the Premiership.

Also, according to Pochettino, to settle down in a new league, any coach requires time and so does Guardiola. Once he starts understanding the league better, he will be able to use his Football knowledge effectively with Manchester City.