21 thoughts on “Football Manager 2014: Newcastle United: Episode 25 Season 7”

  1. Haha wondered why you said in one of your Q&As you were in 2021 with Spurs.
    Another great video Rik

  2. Buzzing for you Rik. We could see the disappointment when you got sacked
    from Spurs and you had plenty of reason to. New stadium, fantastic squad,
    excellent youth. Everything is there for you to make Spurs a European
    force. Now finish what you started!

  3. “We’ll just call him twatface” hahahahaha and i agree with scannie bring in
    roper and streete for the ageing suarez and vertonghen

  4. You should piss that group tbh and good choice going back to tottenham,
    Newcastle have no ambition irl and on the game:(

  5. Brillliant move, glad to see you back at Spurs where you had already done
    such good work.

  6. Personally id of liked to see you stay at newcastle as it would have been
    more of a challenge to win trophies, great episode anyway

  7. Quite incredible luck that your team hasn’t been too hampered with by
    Bielsa and I’m happy to see Anthony Martial again because he’s a goal
    machine on my Sassuolo save, good luck retaining the Capital One Cup mate 

  8. hey rick sorry but can you tell me the name of the skin ? its not in the
    descripsion sorry to bug you but i have played in the default skin all year
    because i dint like any but good this one looks sexy af

  9. Rik, I think you made the right decision, it allows you to continue
    developing the future stars that you found into the best team in Europe,
    because you found them some exceptional young players!.

  10. Great video as always Rik. The New white heart lane picture is just the
    default image for a new stadium in that skin.

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