Steve Bruce says that his team hasn’t been good enough as they suffered relegation

A goalless draw against Manchester United wasn’t enough for Hull City to ensure their Premier League stay as Steve Bruce and his players are now shifting to the Championship League and the coach himself admits that his team deserved this as they haven’t been performing good enough throughout the entire season.

Steve Bruce voiced the disappointment of how his team has been performing in this season as the coach of Hull City said: “It’s an awful experience and it will dawn on the players we are not in the Premier League anymore. There is talking and soul searching to be done. It is bitter and sad at the moment. We all have to take the brunt of it; we have not been good enough. I thought at the start of the season we would have enough to stay in the Premier League but we have not done enough. You have to come back as strong as posible.”

If Hull City had claimed a victory against Manchester United instead of the draw, it would have been enough for them to avoid the bottom relegation zone but even though Hull City did actually perform better in this match, they just couldn’t score the crucial goal.

The players of Steve Bruce truly attempted to come out on top and win this final match of the season and this was evident by the fact that Hull City launched a total of 16 shots in the entirety of the match while Manchester United on the other hand only launched 7 shots and this began to appear like Hull City had everything they needed to win after the 77th minute when Maroune Fellaini was sent off of the pitch with a red card.

Hull City was giving it all they had trying to take advantage of the number advantage on the pitch but despite everything, the scoreboard remained goalless after 96 minutes had been played.