1. Whoever wins in the Europa League gets Europa League, if they finish in top
    for and get Champions League, then the runners up get Europa League instead

    Matthew Welford
  2. no the winner of the europa league doesn’t qualify if the runners up are in
    top for and also if the winners are in top 4 and runners up aren’t runners
    up get nothing in terms of qualifacaton

  3. What did you mean by “better save it just incase” – that to me says your
    saving it to rerun the game if it doesnt go the way you want it to go,
    cheating :/

  4. New video 🙂 The semi final of the Europa League, hope you guys enjoy! I’m
    streaming tonight at 8pm! So be there – twitch.tv/thefmhub – 75 likes for a
    new video tomorrow!


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