1. Miles jacobson (that his name?) said today that wingers have been
    overpowered and when the new patch comes out they may not perform as well.
    Will be interesting to see if dyer continues to play so well!

    Mike W
  2. Great video as always! I noticed that Everton are doing really really we’ll
    and I was wondering if you could just show what tactics they have been
    using and transfers seeing as I will be playing as them in fm14, of course
    nothing to in depth and you don’t have to I was just wondering, thank you
    and continue the great work!

  3. Ignore the dislikes- Just look at the comments everybody loves the series
    it’s great! + on FM13 I never managed to get the most out of Dyer and found
    him to be quite poor so it’s good to see you play him well

    Harry Stubbings
  4. Next time don’t put things like “comeback” in the title, it would have been
    so much better if I wasn’t sat here waiting for the comeback. Good vid
    though my save is also with Swansea.

    Sam Turnbull
  5. that was a good game. hate it when a sub gets injured. results have picked
    up cos team are getting used to playing with it. with your 2 dmc’s is one
    anchor??? an anchor man plays ever so deep and this will leave the centre
    of the pitch really exposed. A dmc d might be better. DO the team talks and
    not your ass man as the players will respect you more and therefore respond
    to your talks in the future. I only mention this as at the end of the game
    you went to ass man and got him to do it.

  6. New Swansea episode and we’re making some decent progress! If you enjoy,
    hit like! 50 likes and I’ll upload a new San Marino episode when I finish
    college tomorrow! Twitter – @fmhub

  7. Amazing Series Jamie!! just a tip for using Swansea keeper Vorm… he is a
    sweeper keeper due to his height and his flexibility, he’s a bit of a short
    keeper compared to most others but i think you will concede so many less
    goals if he played the sweeper role, thanks. FML1F3, Brandon

  8. Hi Jamie Loving this Swansea series, keep up the good work. Just a quick
    question, how do you get the tactics shortcut button to appear at the top
    of the screen? Thanks Josh

    Joshua Woolley
  9. To be honest i like the San Marino challenge more then the swansea
    challenge i hope you will do more San Marino episodes so i gave this video
    a like as always.

    Jelle Hoekstra

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