Manchester United have made a poor start to the league campaign after already losing three matches. They have taken only 11 points from the opening eight matches, which has seen them sit closer to the bottom half of the table. United will be taking on Stoke city at Old Trafford during the weekend. This was a rejuvenated Stoke team, who are trying to play their football unlike in the past. Their manager Mark Hughes, who played for United, has helped that the home team are there for the taking. United have shown numerous vulnerabilities this season according to Hughes.

During the days of Sir Alex Ferguson, Hughes failed to beat United on numerous occasions. This time around, the mighty figure of Ferguson will not be in the dugout to scare the opposition. This coupled with the problems faced by United under Moyes are likely to make Stoke confident of taking at least something from the match at Old Trafford. The last time Stoke defeated United was more than three decades ago and one has to go back even longer to the time when they defeated United at Old Trafford. Hughes is of the opinion that United cannot afford to drop any more points if they are to win the title.

“They can’t afford any more slip-ups, but invariably when people question Manchester United they come back with the answers. There are only a certain amount of games you can lose. Five or six enables you to still be in the title race. Lose any more than six then you make it very difficult, nigh on impossible, for yourself. They’ve lost three and maybe they are a little bit vulnerable at the moment,” said Hughes.

Clubs like West Brom and Southampton have taken points off United in recent matches at Old Trafford.