Ex-Manchester United Forward Zlatan Ibrahimovic Calls Premier League ‘Overrated’

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has said that Premier League quality is “overrated”, but very few can handle the pace required to succeed in English football’s top flight. The Swede, now at LA Galaxy, spent 19 months at Manchester United between 2016 and 2018 – scored 29 goals in 53 appearances in all competitions with much of his time blighted by a serious knee injury. Previously, he had played in his home country Sweden, Holland, Italy, Spain, and France.

He said “I had a long career before I arrived – different kinds of countries, different kinds of clubs,” he told FourFourTwo. “People said,” You do not have to travel to England; because if you fail in England, people will always say you were not good enough. Everyone was against it and guess what? It made me motivated. It gave me adrenaline. I liked the Premier League. I found it very motivating and very exciting. It will be very attentive, even though I feel that the quality is slightly overrated – the individual quality, the technical part. But the rhythm is high. Even if you are the best if you cannot handle the beat, the pace that will not succeed because the pace is very high.”
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Everton To See More Of Richarlison As A Striker

Richarlison is being put up front by the manager of Everton, Marco Silva, who says that he is happy with the level of performance that the Brazilian puts out there. He has been able to obtain one win, eight goals in the opening of six games of the Premier League in total. Everton now sits at 12th position before their visit at Fulham this Saturday.

Silva had impressed in the attack deployed towards Brazil by deploying the young 21 year old player to play on the left wing. However, he has been playing around with the team formation and how it should be for the weekend match. Since there are three strikers, Richarlison could also be made a striker for the team. Richarlison can play this position and it would probably help better the game after the loss that Everton had against Arsenal in Premier League game. Silva feels that Richarlison could perform well, whether he plays on the right or the left since he can perform well from the sides.
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‘It Is Quick And Ferocious, But We Have Got To Begin Winning Games In This League’

Darren Fletcher, the Veteran Stoke City midfielder laid it on the line for his shocked and confused teammates after the draw of Brentford. Fletcher has sent a no-nonsense message to his teammates of the Stoke City. He sent the message “We have got to get better quickly, and we have to move to start winning games”. Because of the yesterday 1-1 draw with Brentford, Fletcher was not as downbeat as some and he believes that the game should have won by the Stoke.

He admits that the team has much more things to learn about playing in the game when it comes to playing at Championship level. He said, “It is really disappointing to lose the game when you are in the winning position.” He said, “After having a kind of sticky start, the thought came to mind before 20 minutes of that half-time that we played really well, we got the team into the leading position, we created some excellent opportunities and may be should have gone in two-up, but sadly in the second half we didn’t play the way, we should have.”
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Redknapp on premier league title race

Former Tottenham Hotspurs manager Harry Redknapp believes that the Premier League title race will be between Manchester City and Liverpool.

He said that the favorite for him to win the title this season will be Manchester City after their demonstration last season. He said that Pep Guardiola has transformed Manchester City into a formidable winning machine and that it will be hard for the other Premier League teams to stop them.
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According to a book released by a football agent Jon Smith, Arsenal were forced to pay almost double the price tag on Russian talent Andrei Arshavin when he moved to the Emirates.

Smith’s book titled: ‘The Deal: Inside the World of a Super-Agent,’ contained details of the deals the Gunners made years back for the former Zenit St Petersburg star.

Following a impressive display at the Euro 2008 whilst in action for the Russian national side, Arsene Wenger wanted to lure the Russian player to England. The deal was completed on January 31st, 2009 but the book claims that the London-based outfit paid much more than needed to secure the services of Arshavin.

The Russian joined Arsenal for a record fee of £15 million, even though the initial valuation was about half the price. Smith said in the book that Arsene Wenger was frustrated and had to pay double the fee as Russian leader Vladmir Putin was very much involved in the deal. He claims that the Russian president’s boyhood club was Zenit and that the club is run by state-owned energy company and sponsors of the UEFA Champions League.

“Every conversation with Arsenal was based around how Arsene was feeling and things he thought they could do to bridge the gap. Arsene was totally in control on that environment,” Smith wrote. The agent revealed that he was the bridge between Arsenal and the player as they wanted to avoid breaking the “conventional ethical boundary of not pinching other people’s staff.” He revealed that 30 percent Gunner shareholder Alisher Usmanov was the one that helped get the deal over the line.

In a surprising twist, the agent claimed he paid the difference of £1.2 million himself in order to land the Russian as the transfer window deadline was looming. Arshavin eventually joined Arsenal, scoring 31 goals in 97 games.

Is the Premier League Race Over?

Just under a third of the Premier League season remains, with each club still slated to play 14 more matches. Typically at this stage, football supporters across England and the rest of the world are gearing up for an exciting finish as the few remaining contenders fight fiercely for the EPL crown. But heading for the home stretch of the 2014/15 campaign, this isn’t the case. In fact, many supporters may already be losing some interest in the Premier League season, simply because the race for the title looks to be all but over. Continue reading Is the Premier League Race Over?