Steven Gerrard, the man that has never joined another club other than Liverpool is now deciding on whether or not he should continue playing with the Premier League club when his current contract reaches its end.

The coach of Liverpool has already revealed that Gerrard has been offered a contract extension and now all that is left is for the experienced English midfielder to make a decision.

Liverpool’s Brendan Rodgers said: “Everyone knows his history at this club. What a player he has been, and still is. I see his talent every day and just need to manage that and think how it can be most effective. I love working with Steven Gerrard. He is arguably the best player in the history of the Premier League I’ve enjoyed every single minute. I hope that continues I need to focus that talent and utilize it in the games that he plays. He is a world-class talent’’

Steven Gerrard has not been making impressive performances for Liverpool in this season and fans are starting to question as if it would be the correct decision for the club and the team to further extend the contract of Gerrard for another season.

The 34 year old midfielder made his debut for Liverpool back in November 29 of 1998 when Liverpool faced off with Blackburn Rovers and from there on out he has went through a career where he has managed to lift a number of titles including the Champions League and the UEFA Super Cup just to name a few of them.

The Premier League title is a piece of silverware that Steven Gerrard has always managed to lift with Liverpool and the club came close on securing it in the previous season but fell short by 2 points and in the current season it’s close to impossible for Liverpool to secure it as Chelsea, Southampton and Manchester City are the clubs at the top of the English League and have a huge numerical advantage over Liverpool which started the season on a rocky road.