Everton To See More Of Richarlison As A Striker

Richarlison is being put up front by the manager of Everton, Marco Silva, who says that he is happy with the level of performance that the Brazilian puts out there. He has been able to obtain one win, eight goals in the opening of six games of the Premier League in total. Everton now sits at 12th position before their visit at Fulham this Saturday.

Silva had impressed in the attack deployed towards Brazil by deploying the young 21 year old player to play on the left wing. However, he has been playing around with the team formation and how it should be for the weekend match. Since there are three strikers, Richarlison could also be made a striker for the team. Richarlison can play this position and it would probably help better the game after the loss that Everton had against Arsenal in Premier League game. Silva feels that Richarlison could perform well, whether he plays on the right or the left since he can perform well from the sides.

Richarlison has scored goals for the team when he debuted in the game against El Salvador in Brazil. This was an impressive display of his talents and fans want more of the same skills being shown by the forward when he plays at club level.

His debut has been great for the national team where he played as a striker. He has already proven his performance on the left side, but Silva is confident that he can play well from either side. Hence, he will decide before the game as to which position he wishes to play Richarlison. Everton needs to spruce up their strategy to see more wins coming in over the next few games that are scheduled and to ensure that they have a more promising line-up for the Premier League.