‘It Is Quick And Ferocious, But We Have Got To Begin Winning Games In This League’

Darren Fletcher, the Veteran Stoke City midfielder laid it on the line for his shocked and confused teammates after the draw of Brentford. Fletcher has sent a no-nonsense message to his teammates of the Stoke City. He sent the message “We have got to get better quickly, and we have to move to start winning games”. Because of the yesterday 1-1 draw with Brentford, Fletcher was not as downbeat as some and he believes that the game should have won by the Stoke.

He admits that the team has much more things to learn about playing in the game when it comes to playing at Championship level. He said, “It is really disappointing to lose the game when you are in the winning position.” He said, “After having a kind of sticky start, the thought came to mind before 20 minutes of that half-time that we played really well, we got the team into the leading position, we created some excellent opportunities and may be should have gone in two-up, but sadly in the second half we didn’t play the way, we should have.”

This is the season’s first start of Darren Fletcher, and after the game he said, “It is not good and I feel disappointing in the end, when we play in front of our home, we need to win the game. “From our point of view, their goal is unsatisfactory. It is really a good finish, it is a great move, and however, we would have tried hard to stop that. “When we are playing in front of the home crowd, the pressure remains immense, our fans want us to perform better and that is very important to deal with. We played well and win was something that I am missing a lot.”